Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease - Nutrition, Lifestyle and other Aspects

Alzheimer’s disease makes decisions about dietary and lifestyle on a daily basis and needs to act on the best evidence available to them, even when scientific consensus may not have been achieved. Risk of developing Alzheimer's disease is increased by older age, genetic factors, and several medical risk factors. Studies have also suggested that dietary and lifestyle factors may influence risk, raising the possibility that preventive strategies may be effective. A nutritional approach to prevent, slow, or halt the progression of the disease is a promising strategy that has been widely investigated. Many epidemiologic data suggest that nutritional intake may influence the development and progression of AD. Environmental causes of AD include potential metabolic derangements caused by dietary insufficiency. In addition, many nutritional supplements and dietary modifications may directly influence the pathological contributions of increased oxidative stress, defects in mitochondrial dysfunction and cellular energy production, chronic inflammatory mechanisms, and even direct pathways to amyloid accumulation and neurofibrillary degeneration that contribute to the degenerative cascade in AD. Regular physical exercise may be a beneficial strategy to lower the risk of Alzheimer's and vascular dementia. Exercise may directly benefit brain cells by increasing blood and oxygen flow in the brain Because of its known cardiovascular benefits, a medically approved exercise program is a valuable part of an overall wellness plan.

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